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Welcome to the Boat builder's Handbook!

The posted information is for manufacturers of recreational boats who must comply with the applicable regulations. Depending upon boat type, engine, length, usage, etc., a regulation (and corresponding guide) may, or may not, be applicable.

While we encourage recreational boat owners to use the information for their benefit, compliance with the regulations is the responsibility of the boat manufacturers.

Potential manufacturers, or importers, of recreational boats must contact the USCG, Office of Boating Safety, Recreational Boating Product Assurance Division at 202-267-0984 and request a Manufacturers Identification Code (MIC) form.

Part 1 — Regulations and Other Information
Part 2 — Safety Circulars #64, an excerpt from #83, and #81 page 6
Part 3 — Consumer Fact Sheets


Compliance Guidelines:

Subpart I — Electrical Systems
Subpart J — Fuel Systems
Subpart K — Ventilation
Subpart C — Safe Loading & Subpart B — Display of Capacity Information
Subpart F, Subpart G & Subpart H — Flotation Requirements

It is the responsibility of the Boat Manufacturer to ensure that the applicable
Federal Regulations have not been updated since the reference date.

Your boat is designed to give you years of enjoyment; ensure your fun by choosing the right protection.
Thank you for using Boat Insurance Quote and happy boating.


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