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Safety defects are important for boat owners and users to report. Without reporting a defect both boat owners and the public are at risk. B.I.Q. provides resources from the U.S. Coast Guard which allows them to investigate reports and take action to keep you safe.


Consumer Safety Defect Resources
  Safety Defect Report Overview:
Complaints which are generally accepted.
  Boat Owner's Report
Online form for reporting safety defects.
  USCG Investigation and Action
Here's what happens if the Coast Guard decides an investigation is warranted
  Warranty Problems
What to do if your problem is not considered a "substantial risk"
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Safety Defect Report Overview:  
The Coast Guard investigates consumer complaints about recreational boats and related equipment when the situation meets the following criteria:

The complaint relates to a boat or associated equipment that is less than 5 years old.
The condition described is a violation of federal regulations OR is safety related (that is, it is a defect that creates a substantial risk of personal injury).
The defect causes a failure or dangerous condition that occurs suddenly (that is, substantially without warning).
To report such a possible safety defect, use the online Boat Owner's Report - Possible Safety Defect.
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USCG Investigation and Action:  
The Coast Guard evaluates each potential safety defect report on a case-by-case basis. If we determine there is a "substantial risk" defect, we then contact the manufacturer of the boat or associated equipment and notify them of our preliminary findings.

The manufacturer is given 30 days to rebut these findings or to begin correcting the problem. If we agree with a manufacturer's rebuttal, we close the case. If we believe there is a "substantial risk" defect, we can require the manufacturer to:
  • Determine what boats have the defect.
  • Notify first purchasers of the defect and its potential consequences.
  • Notify first purchasers of how the defect will be corrected.
  • Undertake to correct the defect.
If the manufacturer makes a good faith effort to correct the problem and the consumer refuses the offer, the Coast Guard will take no further action and close the file. Also, if the manufacturer has corrected the problem identified, but the consumer is still not satisfied, the Coast Guard will take no further action.

The Coast Guard has no authority to require a manufacturer to give a consumer a new boat or refund a consumer's money. The Coast Guard will also not get involved in a civil suit between a consumer and a boat manufacturer.
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Warrenty Problems:  
The Coast Guard does not deal with defects or conditions that are not considered a "substantial risk" defect. For boat/equipment issues that do not constitute a safety defect, please contact one of the following organizations:
  • Your state consumer protection agency (usually operated in the State Attorney General's Office).
  • The Federal Trade Commission. For information about the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975, visit or call 202-326-3650.

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